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  1. Public Opinion. The role of the government is to have a strong leader, that even though he or she has to make difficult decision based on whatever is happening wrong in that State or how it can improve, is to decide and not back down from his decision. Margaret Thatcher, perfect example. When the socialist government was in place it nationalised several industries due to union pressure, she undid that causing riots never seen in a long time. The country was in very bad condition economically. By freeing these industries from the grasp of the government, the economic situation slowly but steadily became better. Everyone was against her decision, she stuck to it even when people in her own party where scared shitless about their political carrers and where pressuring her to back down , the people saw that the privatization of these sectors meant more job opportunities followed by lower taxes. She got re-elected 3 times, longest serving British Minister. A good politician, has to be a leader and do what he or she thinks is best in the countries interest, even when is not popular with the public.


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