Can anyone share me guideline how I upload my PDF files on w/p blog! need Help.

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  1. Hello,
    I navigate to old Dasboard, choose Library and Add new Media..
    (Drop pdf or use link to choose your pdf)
    In Preview i got a link to pdf file that show up when clicked.
    i will test further ;)
    Regards Fia

  2. Hi,
    The right answer to view PDF is to use Scribd
    see http://en.support.wordpress.com/scribd/

    Regards Fia

  3. If you haven’t received help with this by now, what I do, I add the pdf file I have saved on my computer into my Media. I highlight the url link to in in Media, right click Copy, go back to Post edit page, highlight the text I want to place the link over, go up to link icon, click it, get rid of the http:// alreday there, right click my mouse and press Paste – the url to your pdf should appear there and then go back to your post. Hope this works for you, cheers

  4. I use a free site to build them in to my blog post.
    It works good for me. There are certainly other ways to du as well, but this is working for me.
    The site is : http://issuu.com/explore

    Here is a post with build in PDF from Issuu.

    • Hey
      yup! good site but there is some problem in my mine when I go to upload error become before my sight.
      Can you share further guide for uploading .

  5. Sorry, somehow that last comment posted before I actually got to write anything useful!!
    I think you do it by clicking the “Add Media” button when you are writing the post. So it’s basically the same as uploading a photo.
    So, you click “Add Media”, then “Upload Files”, then browse through the files on your computer and just upload the one you want!


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