How to Memorize Anything

  1. First, use a pencil or word processor (I prefer the latter because it’s faster) to type, in complete sentences, any fact you think might appear on the test. Use short sentences because they’re easier to remember.
  2. Take your printed notes into a quiet room, shut the door, and eliminate all distractions.
  3. Look at the first sentence in your notes and read it out loud. Then, close your eyes and say the sentence without looking at it.
  4. Repeat the step above, this time with the first 2 sentences.
  5. Next, try it with 3 sentences. Then 4. Repeat until you have memorized every sentence in your notes.

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  1. Reblogged this on Katakata Sukasuka and commented:
    Easier way to boost your memory. Without any fool-tricks, only Repetition and Focus technique we usually use in simple hypnosis practice. Check it out!

  2. I hate memorization as I am a forgetful person. Like serious one, like an abnormality. I’m also stubborn not to practice writing things down so I remember things. My daily life is full of mis-adventurous adventures that way. :D :P


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