Walking Exercise its advantages


Really Really Really, my reader i have no idea that walking at morning or evening time for human body is necessary.

I started walking evening time i really really feel after walking that my liver, heart, blood as well as my body structure started grown.

I like to share some norms according to medical perspective. i expect reader must enjoy.

The Advantages

  Healthy heart: Regular walking lowers cholesterol levels that can harm your heart. Additionally walking also prevents high blood pressure which is a precursor for heart disease. If you already have high blood pressure (hypertension), walking will help reduce it and bring it in control.

Diabetes: Regular walking reduces your risk of developing Diabetes and enhances your body’s capacity to process sugar, lower blood sugar and reduce risk of heart disease. This also applies to individuals who already have Diabetes.

Obesity: Regular walking can prevent weight gain and keep you in great shape. For example, middle-aged women who walk more than 10,000 steps a day have lower levels of body fat than do women who are less active.

Stress: Regular walking helps you manage stress effectively and boosts your spirits. It also helps drive away depression and anxiety.

Endurance: Walking improves your physical strength and endurance levels. It also strengthens your Immune System to ward off infections.

Walking has immense health benefits and it is the easiest exercise on this planet. All it takes is some commitment to take your first step and then follow it up with 9999 more steps everyday.

I will share  my next post what is my actual feeling after started walk, and which method i choose for walking.

Good Luck:                                                                        Stay Healthy:

Look Smart:                                                                       Think positive:

Improve your self:

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  1. But it’s sooo hot outside :-)

  2. Even when my back hurts and I am so tired, walking rather invigorates me, I sleep better and have more energy. You are right o encourage walking!

  3. You are so right here! :)

  4. I started walking in January after years of not much regular exercise (I’m 41 years old). I soon started to feel healthier and look trimmer and the best part is that it’s free and you can do it anywhere you go (unlike a gym membership!). I now ‘power walk’ while holding weights three to four times a week and yes, in Singapore it is hot, but that adds to the detoxing effect! Look forward to hearing your reaction to walking. Cath

  5. But it’s sooo hot outside :-)
    Bet it’s even hotter here :)
    Although, yes, I agree with all those health benefits of walking. Walking clears my head as well as making me feel more physically charged (but only when done in the shade…).

    • Thanks!
      Can you pleas share,about your daily exercise rotten.

      • We have 9 dogs. I do a great deal of walking ;)
        But most of all, I love walking across the mountains where we live. Great whole-body exercise, including the heart and lungs, plus great muscle toning too!

  6. Health Conscious…:D


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