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Communication is the art of conveying information among one another in order to create a shared understanding. It is something we humans do everyday albeit in many different ways and means. The word arises from the Latin word ‘communis’ which means sharing. The modern man chooses to communicate through different methods like speaking, use of telephones, emailing, blogging, television, art, hand and body gestures and facial expressions. This can happen instantly in closed intimate settings or over a long period of time in a large forum like the net. However the different type of what is communication requires a speaker, a message and a recipient.

In part of communication one is speaker another is hearing .

Modify your speech

* Communicate  at a slow-to-normal pace, in short sentences.

* Use a pleasant tone

* Use simple sentence structure (subject-verb-object) and high-frequency words.

* Use names of people rather than pronouns.

Be an active listener & HEARING

* Give full attention and make every effort to understand his / her attempts to communicat.

* Smile

* Talk in a calm, quiet manner.

* Demonstrate your patience through your facial expressions and body language.

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  1. Good advice & observations that are appropriate for my current situation. Thank you.

  2. Active listening! I think this is such a valuable asset~~

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    Good advice, thanks.

  4. This is a great blog.
    Thank you for following me.
    I am following you.

  5. I would add – regularly check your communication is understood

  6. I would say that “Be an active listener & HEARING” is probably the most important form of communication with others.


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