Are you someone who likes to grow? Do you constantly seek to improve yourself and become better?


Every man have naturally feeling that he listen where he talk, he have idea, and there is acceptable and respectable were he take step .

Must read these point will help you every place.

Read a book every day.

Learn a new language

Pick up a new hobby

Take up a new course.

Create an inspirational room.

Overcome your fears.

Level up your skills

Wake up early

Have a weekly exercise routine

Start your life handbook.

Write a letter to your future self.

Get out of your comfort zone.

Put someone up to a challenge

Identify your blind spots.

Ask for feedback.

Learn from people who inspire you.

Quit a bad habit.

Start a blog about personal development.

Learn chess (or any strategy game).

Stop watching TV.

Start a 30-day challenge.

Read at least 1 personal development article a day

Commit to your personal growth.


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  1. I shall start doing this! :)

  2. aaaah such a long to-do list! ;)

  3. Nice List! Thank You!

  4. Thank you for following my BLOG Mazhar.
    I wanted to warn you that your twitter webpage link to your Blog is misspelled it says ‘worldpress’ instead of ‘wordpress’. Hope you can fix it so you don’t have people thinking it is not longer online.

  5. chek ur ‘offical email’ 4 poss spell error

  6. I like your list. Even ticking off items on this list over a year would be a fantastic accomplishment – thank you for posting :)

  7. Good list. I would add – Give yourself time to think

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the follow! I really enjoyed reading your blog and couldn’t agree more – I’m a great grandma and I’m still trying to improve and learn more each day, one’s never to old. In the end it’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years.

  9. This is a great list of advice. If people did a couple of these things, we would be a better place.

  10. Definitely have been working on some of this list… not much progress, but working on it. *laughs*

  11. Great list Mazhar! Since entering college I sold my T.V. XBOX 360 and my Wii (2 years ago). I also believe in being inspired by others…Thanx for inspiring us all!

  12. Great list! I’ll have to write that one down :)

  13. A great post & there are a lot of things on your list that I am doing! :)
    Have a great & fun weekedn! ;)

  14. Will certainly give your list a go

  15. This is a list worth taking into consideration. We should constantly evaluate ourselves and we should always stride for growth. Especially those of us that are followers of Christ. We shouldn’t stay in our same messed up, (sinful), staginant ways. Some people do not know where to start or what to work on first, but this short list of yours could be very helpful to many. Thanks for sharing. There are even some things on here that I need to commit to myself.

  16. I do believe you have just created my bucket list of motivating ideas to help me on our first day of summer break. Thank you so much! :-)


    Hi, I so enjoyed reading your list here. I like the “Create a Inspirational Room” idea. I really will start on that. LOL. Anyone have any creative ideas of where to start at creating an inspirational room please let me know. My imagination has started to flow. Thanks so much. Have a great day. Betty


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