A Child’s Right to Read by Scholastic

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Today we live in a world full of digital information. Yet reading has never been more important, for we know that for young people the ability to read is the door opener to the 21st century: to hold a job, to understand their world, and to know themselves. That is why we are asking you to join our Global Literacy Call to Action: We call this campaign: “Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life.” We are asking parents, teachers, school and business leaders, and the general public to support their children’s right to read for a better life in the digital world of the 21st century.

Here is what we believe about reading in the second decade of the 21st century.

We call this The Reading Bill of Rights:  The Reading Bill of Right! A Child’s Right to Read.

WE BELIEVE that literacy – the ability to read…

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  1. buskattungen

    I still love lying in the bed/sofa/out in the sun and read a really scary book :)
    My kids will get a lot of books to read – and I will always read loud for them until they can do it on their own!

    Thanks for following my blog! hope to get comments from you about my photos!

    • If really your child is same then your are lucky and prepay your child knowledgeable person.
      You welcome on my tweeter

  2. Thank you for following my blog. I am glad you stopped by to find it. Although I’m a freelance writer, I am also interested in raising awareness of social issues and encouraging education and cultural understanding. I am concerned about the level of literacy many American students acheive by the time they are out of high school. Many can barely write a short story or simple letter coherently. It hampers their ability to communicate. Reading to children and teaching them to love reading themselves opens their mind and builds their skills to communicate with the world, no matter what they choose to do in their futures.

    • Very interesting point which your point out bellow actually literacy.non tolerance, economically instability is the big issue of our society . If we neglect it like that it is not our problems then we are responsible direct or indirect way.
      In the end i once again say that we have to create in our society healthy generation, and evolute them like a one leader .
      Our future is consider with child they are educate according need of our society.
      You are welcome to share your daily ideas through tweeter

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    Reading is critical and books are still a necessity that needs to be shared with children…

  4. My husband is a teacher (and an incredible one)…with 5 grandbabies, reading has never been more important to me to share…


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