My Friend feeling

To day when we enter in university of Karachi,student of university inter and exit with happy and bad mood they rounding here and there, staff also talking and sharing his\her feeling with enjoy full moued.
My friend with me he was quite still we are in university when i said i have impotent work in Mashriq center he replayed me “is it Pakistan where we are divided and our law is also not implement ” still he silent .
When i return from my official work i like to met him and ask why he is off moued he replayed loudly i have one media project “assignment” i try to complete but our system break and kill my will power .
HE was ab-site to see our poor educational system were every day new challenge for student.
he leave for me a question “ARE OUR future is bright in this environment ” ?

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  1. and what was the answer you found? Is it bright?

    • i think every nation must have collective thought’s for survive in the world.

      • yes. I think survival depends on working in harmony. My son and I are survivors and we work towards that. Not so much towards monetary success but success inside the heart.


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