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Work Awesome

If you’ve ever had to train people at work you will certainly learn, over time, the right way to do so. Here are some tips that I have picked up during my career that have helped me immensely when dealing with people at work.
1. Put together detailed documentation with screenshots.
Providing documentation at the start of the training session is very important. People learn more easily when they have hard copy material to follow during the class. You should also provide a section called Notes at the bottom of each page so that the students can add additional information.
2. Reserve the room, as a separate meeting, ½ hour before the training session.
I’ve seen people try to set up the projector and hand out the training material with the students already in the class. If you reserve the room, for yourself, ½ hour before the class, this will give you plenty of time to hit the ground running when the students arrive.
3.Test drive.
Find a co-worker and give them a test drive of the training session. It may be an abbreviated version but ask that person to take notes and ask questions as you are presenting. This should help you work out the kinks and will give you practice presenting the material.

Self Experience

Demonstrate Respect at work
Ask anyone in your workplace what treatment they most want at work. They will likely top their list with the desire to be treated with dignity and respect. You can demonstrate respect with simple, yet powerful actions. Demonstrating respect is the most important interaction that you can have dealing with the everyday people who populate your work life. Here’s how to demonstrate respect when you’re dealing with people.
Trust ND be trustworthy:
Trust is the cornerstone when dealing with people interdependently at work. Trust forms the foundation for effective communication, positive interpersonal relationships, and employee motivation and contribution of discretionary energy, the extra effort that people voluntarily invest in work. When trust exists in an organization or in a relationship, almost everything else is easier and more comfortable to achieve. In dealing with people, trust is critical to forming supportive relationships that enable accomplishments and progress.

Before some day’s when some relative share with me idea regarding media for establishing society where new comer’s utilizes his /her skill’s in media for making career .I was one bad lucky person in this group where my blind trust and showing those people they came near for you to disturb not for work with you.
Writer work for Media institute For Human Development.

youh media society

It,s because we want to improve our skill im media industry we looking for further member who join us for improving his /her skill in media.
Lot of people have want to work in media, but how ?
Youh media sociey is bes choice for new commer’s in media as a arties,RJ,VJ,news making etc
For membership contact:
Mazhar ahmed
cell :03122888412

Youth Media society

Youth media society is one best choice of new comers they want making his/her career in media industry we provide for utilizing your skill’s and prove your self in field as artist,RJ,VJ,news write,Editor,Scrip writing etc.
So Join us for improving your self in media industry .
Fro Contact us Name # Faculty #Institute
Cell: 03122888412
Adress :political Science university of Karachi
Mazhar Ahmed
V President
Rashid Ahmed
G sectary
Ahsan Danish
Human Resource /Marketing
Lubena Haq

Youth Media Society


WE are a collective of native youth creating uncensored spaces for youth to find their own voice. All of our media projects are initiated and led by youth, inspiring creativity, confidence, motivation and action. Our under process Magazine, news website.
We then incorporated as Youth Media Society in Journey 2012. We are a media and arts organization dedicated to the power and healing of unhindered expression.
We maintain a youth staff and board fostered with the support of elders, past staff and community.

Our goals are to:
– offer opportunities for youth to learn practical skills in media
– facilitate community access to film, print, radio, broad-casting, websites and performance
– create space for youth to educate each other on the issues facing their communities
– support and promote youth artists, writers, activists, performers and musicians
– encourage creativity and critical perspectives

We are currently focusing on creating online resources through website. We are offering workshops to youth interested in
broad-casting film and radio.

For member ship Call /SmS us from Karachi

Mazhar Ahmed journalist :


Address: Arts lobby University of Karachi

Offer //// Self improvement

Starting of Media society in university of Karachi is best Initiative which taken by the student of media personalties and senior journalist .
We can improve our self to the become part of this forum for further
contact #SmS

British children feel sad and lonely with Internet

A new study has revealed that majority of British children under the age of twelve report feeling ’sad’ and ‘lonely’ if they are not connected to the Internet.

According to the British firm Intersperience as part of the ‘Digital Futures, which surveyed 1,000 youngsters about their online and digital lives, also revealed 60 percent of teens would experience the same emotions.

Seven in ten teens chat with friends on Facebook but more than half said they prefer to talk face-to-face.

The survey also revealed 74 percent of under 12s play games online, 65 percent utilise the net when completing their homework and a third also buy of sell items via the web. They’re also clued up on security with a third admitting they don’t give their personal details to firms when online with a further 22 percent claiming to give false information instead.

Intersperience also said toddlers tend dominate the iPad in the families where the tablet PC is owned, with many mastering touch screen technology independently.

My Friend feeling

To day when we enter in university of Karachi,student of university inter and exit with happy and bad mood they rounding here and there, staff also talking and sharing his\her feeling with enjoy full moued.
My friend with me he was quite still we are in university when i said i have impotent work in Mashriq center he replayed me “is it Pakistan where we are divided and our law is also not implement ” still he silent .
When i return from my official work i like to met him and ask why he is off moued he replayed loudly i have one media project “assignment” i try to complete but our system break and kill my will power .
HE was ab-site to see our poor educational system were every day new challenge for student.
he leave for me a question “ARE OUR future is bright in this environment ” ?

Laughing in the Dark

One word much knowledge

Half truths are as bad as lies, sometimes worse. And history has suffered hugely from half truths.

It is never the activity of the rascals that destroy the society, but always the inactivity of the good people.

Understanding the misunderstanding is the real understanding.

Don’t ever take a fence down until you know the reason why it was put up.

Until you see what is ahead it is foolish to go ahead.

Be wise like the serpent and not behave like the serpent.

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one’.

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost.

Pakistan Debate

I am student of political  subject then important for me to look the activity of sate within structure of government as well all dynamics which effect state activity .
In the beginning of this year when i was reading one famous book which written by Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazeer B she was greet politician and her sick sense about future very fast like her father.Both has main key in Pakistani politics,writer say “institution of state have lack to progress in country” .
Now a day’s her point is clear institution of state much weak to  solving problem of public,whole system pull teal another so conflict between institution is the failure of state .
In these day’s when domestic matter were discus in international level and interference of non state actors is create lot of problem’s. Supreme court of Pakistan have no serious work past four years the juridical system  must to renew for make a good poses-ion  as a origin of state.
Memo gate ,Abitabad Commission,Sumo to as well as lot of internal case regard  NCL and PIA under post .Our court not decide just being a part of negotiation, and dialogue with out result.     

Mazhar Qureshi


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