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Basic Tac-nick and Quickly positions in Football

Between the primary firearms for almost any footballer is really opportunity to sprint easily. In the very best capacity, during almost everybody is going to be really fast, simply being quickly numbers in the. The visible difference from a couple of kmph is most likely the divergence in between a target accompanied by a spend less! Specifically, what would you like to do to acquire that can not much added into your hind legs? Getting slower, poor or simply also discouraged by, in the conclusion of a hr Around 30 minutes, personalized NFL cycling tops, is very unacceptable across the football presentation. Regardless of irrespective of whether, game players really need to be in a position in order to operate rather long sprint especially during the last time involving average or else more of their time.

Exactly What Does This mean on the actual toss, increasingly being immediately results in a number of things this indicates, going in top inside the woman, along with the action which means that, buying the ball from the local chap besides that, this would mean treating typical projectiles first and foremost, succeeding at the very golf inside of mid-air, engaging in credit scoring ranks and lastly, rating.To gain the fact that further wriggle, you ought to jostle when it comes to region. Jostling would be decreased chance . energy among full speed.An exceptional user will take major time and even training to build essentially easily. Never the less, a well-known footballer, the person previously rapid, look and feel superb with more effective, but nonetheless , dropped, avid gamers.

Surgeon linked to Kharotabad tragedy shot dead

According to correspondent Baqir Shah was on his way back to home from the hospital when some unknown persons opened fire and shot him dead.
It is worth mentioning here that Baqir Shah had conducted the postmortem of the victims of Kharotabad tragedy and was witness of the incident.
He was in constant pressure from some unknown people on giving evidence of Kharotabad tragedy and was also tortured and attacked.

Our correspondentreported that dead body of Baqir Shah has been shifted to Bolan Medical Complex.

Turkish air strikes near Iraq 23 Kurds was kill : Source

Turkish air strikes killed 23 Kurdish villagers in the southeast near the Iraqi border early Thursday, an official of the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) said.

Provincial officials found 23 bodies at Ortasu village in Sirnak province, councillor Ertan Eris told pro-Kurdish Roj TV from the bombing site. Nineteen of those killed had so far been identified.

Eris said the dead were among a group of 35 to 40 people, their ages ranging from 16 to 20, who had crossed the border to smuggle goods.

Local security sources said the group was smuggling gas and sugar into Turkey from northern Iraq and may have been mistaken for Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) rebels.

The PKK, which took up arms in Kurdish-majority southeastern Turkey in 1984, sparking a conflict that has claimed about 45,000 lives, is labelled a terrorist organisation by Ankara and much of the international community.

Eris said the death toll was likely to rise further, with snow and rough terrain complicating the search for bodies. He had at first put the death toll at 11.

Local security officials confirmed the bombing but declined to give the number of casualties.

The pro-Kurdish Firat news agency said 35 villagers, including children, were killed in the strikes.

Clashes between Kurdish rebels and the army have escalated in recent months.

The Turkish military launched an operation in northern Iraq in October after a PKK attack killed 24 soldiers in the town of Cukurca near the Iraqi border, the army’s biggest loss since 1993.

PKK rebels usually launch attacks on Turkish targets from their rear bases in northern Iraq.

The army then killed 36 Kurdish rebels in Kazan Valley of Hakkari province, near the Iraqi border.

Media reports in Turkey and abroad, as well as the BDP, have accused Turkey of using chemical weapons against the rebels but the army has denied the allegations.

Iraqi officials and the BDP have also claimed Turkish military air strikes in August killed a family of seven in northern Iraq during an operation to bomb PKK hideouts.

Turkey denied the charges and summoned Iraq’s ambassador to the foreign ministry to convey its concerns over the claims. An anonymous Turkish diplomat called the allegations a “PKK game”.

In November Turkey bombed the Sulaimaniyah and Arbil provinces of Iraq’s autonomous northern Kurdish region, wounding one civilian, Kurdish official said.

PM Gilani rejects PIA business plan

Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani Thursday rejected a Business Plan submitted to him by the PIA management and directed to come up with a new one to make the national flag-career efficient and profitable.

Chairing a meeting at the PM House to review PIA’s Plan, the Prime Minister directed the Committee; comprising the Secretaries of Cabinet, Finance, Establishment and Defence to formulate final recommendations before submission to the Cabinet Committee on Restructuring.

The meeting, scheduled for next week, would discuss the new plan threadbare, a statement from the PM House said.
The Prime Minister said being a commercial entity, an organization like PIA had to work out a strategy to overcome its difficulties, make up for the losses and provide satisfactory service to its passengers.
The proposed restructuring plan entails; Corporate Governance, Financial Restructuring, Operational Restructuring, Marketing and Fleet.
The meeting was attended by Minister for Finance Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, Minister for Defence Ch Ahmad Mukhtar, Secretaries Finance, Cabinet, Establishment and Defence, Chairman, FBR, Managing Director PIA and senior officials of the relevant Ministries.


Hi Dear reader

This a magazine by name “Task” bring out for Mal,Female with special material’s and lot of information, it;s also provide particular task for children by cartoon series and political world issues for young student’s with short time .Summary also presence on blog.

It gives us a great pleasure to release the first edition of Highlight. The magazine’s members have shown considerable cooperation as well as devotion.

Highlight was born at the initiative of xxx Secondary Boys School. The word “Highlights” indicates the specific aim that this magazine has been designed for. Simple and interesting articles have developed specific subjects regarding different fields.

On behave of the magazine’s members; I would like to express our thanks to the teachers and students who have partially contributed to the magazine.
We would also be pleased to receive any suggestion that could assist us with the second edition.
Thanks a million

27 Dec in Political history

Some people born a lot of talent and abilities,and God crate him for an other human kind,they born for nation not for self.Still they live in world life is combination of pain and sacrifice for nation. No doubt they leave us between lot of tear and remembering.

I have no more word’s to say for ” SAHEED JUMHORYAT”

I want do share best massage of “Saheed Banzeer “
Democracy is the best system for country, i am daughter of Z A Bhutoo who never compromise for nation and  scarify his life for nation against military leader “
I come for people and give her life to them.

Her struggle for Pakistani nation fully to pain, she was honest and wisdom female.

27 Dec she pass away and keep blank in Pakistani history which never complete. 
Perhaps her last testament — was a befitting epitaph to her incomplete but glorious life.

By Mazhar

Imran Khan (PTI) and Barack Obama

Beauty of democracy in political system is that parties start still mobilization of public for get-en power in politic by satisfaction of nation and able to join him with own team.

Voting power increase after awareness of common people and acceptation of ideology in people mind include revolutionary mass or another group of people they like to change and make new system. Competition of political parties and clash of idealogical thinking create another social and economical changes for nation.


In land of South Asian countries particular Pakistan and India,political structure and cop-ration each other is down due lack of trust countries and feeling each other enemy it’s behavior create internal problem’s.

Establishment of both countries ruling on political system it mean they prepay one man and parties for military purpose indirect interference of army in politics was presents in past .

After Memo gate when military disagree with PPP leadership, on this period international pressure on present government nearly be change whole politically structure.

Pakistan Threek Insaf decisively won the public motivation,for many solid reasons and due to many factors, including weaknesses of his major governmental and oppositional parties. In the contemporary period Pakistan Tahreek Insaf (PTI) claim that they will come in government for making new Pakistan.


I personally compare PTI leader with United State president Barack Obama when he opponent president he was bring in white House in this time feeling of American people about formal president and Iraq,Afghan war make citizen unbeliever so sate have need new face and trustful leadership in political system.His policy closely for ending this war where economical loss of American nation.


On November 4th, 2008 millions of Americans were shocked that a man of Barack Obama’s limited experience, extreme liberal positions and radical political alliances could be elected President of the United States. For many of these Americans, the explanation was rather simple the news media, completely enamored with Obama,


Second aspect of both mobilization is media proper make a mind of people to being a part of Imran team so reporter and media support in society taken to the people right of thinking and stories coming on screen through one face.


PTI leader is one who also want dealing with bureaucrat,system and working process of establishment of Pakistan is status quo they divided Pakistan in every department and an other provincial issues.


PTI leader meting with foreigner’s and American agreement is must for ruling in this country so foreign policy and relation with superpower is most important in political parties.Till to day I observe democratic and dictatorship government in country they had different in relation with superpower particularly the strategy of war and peace in country.

 Written By Mazhar Ahmed Qureshi


Basic problems (Education) and Government

Basic problems (Education) and Government
Respect of Civil government is responsibility of every citizen of country, before one week I was read research about one political since student he has describe in his views “problem of political parties in state and attitude before power and after then completely opposite, we can learn through example :”Social responsibility of politician will be change in self intrastate ofter getting power”.

Attractive sentence foe political since student student is that “public and political parties both are irresponsible in performing his duty ,lack of relation between them create lot of problem’s. An other hand public not use his civic sense for solve his own matter unfortunately youth,mail,fem-ail,children they completely neglect city problem due to they change his priority in other unnecessary work.

In our country we are facing challenges in our social field’s like education,health,transportation,and cultural and daily we are living in to discussing problems with out solution personally I know my friends they are in same situation but till to day they are feeling insure his life with these problems.

Know we discuss our basic problem which are depend our whole live is EDUCATION,environment of education in our collages,killing of Ma-rite,absence of new research in education,budget issue, etc
Behavior of student’s with education depend on his/her mood and study of non-stander book in our education system as our financial and technology invention main barrios for using book’s. Second aspect of our education very weak from starting to end when in our society divided in green,red school ,Madrsa,private,government system it’s the main key of confusion for student’s and parent’s.

Commercialization of school’s in our society with out competition and produce any thing are damage our education process.
Coaching education environment same situation in our country, my brother every read new address of coaching commercials and demand my parent’s for admission.

Teaching profession requirement are uncompleted in our country we see in our daily life more student’s claim that teacher are not able for teaching this subject and his schoology not Mach with student’s, education expert in west are reach his research that maching of teacher,student,and environment is most important for education we have no completely requirement in our education system.

Second issue in our collage and university life which are depend are student future is that killing of
Ma-rite, really son of bureaucrat,Colonial achieve highest markiss without reading and presence in class .Student pressure and dealing of teachers in his profession with personal relation .

Third and most important problems for student’s which is continues process for coming generation is research method how our generation be help and remember work . Library and reading room will change in visiting place and time pass it’s real situation with library hall’s.

In 21century advance of technology and other tool’s of communication not take replace of book every daily listing s enema hall’s and lawn be decorate but our school’s, collage are the real face of jun-gals , student point out girls and ad-mint just for happy mood.

Object of total describe is that we are weak and back county in education,we compromise in education not another work,how we improve our abilities in economic”s and technology field with out education. So just need collectively to unite for education with out westing time and make opportunity for new generation to survive our country day night in education field. Our political parties have no time for social activity they prepay for succeed opposite party not to change education reform;s.
Writer is belong BS student in Political since university of Karachi
Mazhar Ahmed Qureshi
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