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writing process by Mazhar

Writer :Mazhar Ahmed Qureshi

The writing process

Intro: My friend Hashmat Khan want to write some thing’s about society,he know more things about his subject and he is knowledgeable and talented student boy’s and girls like his as he famous person in department of Political since in Karachi university,his dream about future will be success because he is hard worker in life he inspire me in the life, when he meet me he is much thirsty for knowledge,he have more qualities like to gen information and knowing about subjects. When he learn new thing he is very happy.
So when I feel his need and my friend’s need they think how start writing and make creation mind,after reading more articles, I classified important category they link each other and support gather

NOTE: Don’t read these tips when you are writing some things.

It is the three more effective process will help you in creation writing and make more attractive your medium. As you practice more I will easier and automatic.

Analyze the situation
Define your purpose and develop audience profile .

Gather information
Determine audience need and satisfy which need

Select the right medium
Chose the best medium for deliver your massage

Organize the information
Your idea,limit scope,select direct and indirect approach and outline your content

Adapt you audience
Be sensitive to audience needs with
you behave,politeness,positive emphasis and free language. Build strong relation with audience by establishing your credibility. control your style’s with a conversational tone.

Compose the massage
chose strong words and effective sentence coherent paragraph

Revise the massage
Edit the rewrite for conciseness and clarity

Produce the massage
Use effective design Elements.

Proofread the massage
Review for errors in layout

Distribute the massage
Deliver massage using the chosen medium:make sure documents are distribute successful.

Second part: 11/09/11

Anylize the situations:

Successful massage start with a clear purpose that connects the sender’s needs with the audience needs. You must identify your purpose your audience’s is usually straightforward task for simple. If you ignore audience in writing time you waste your energy and spend your time,reader ignore you and you fail to attractive the reader and make a one view about any topic. You have must to satisfy your reader with your massage and he feel that you are talking with him and as you are know his matter and describe it in words.

There are some important points about audience because in your massage as important role link with him……below

Identify your primary:

Some massage for certain audience members might be more important then don’t ignore them needs make sure you address the concern of the key decision makers.
Determine audience size and geographic distribution:

A massage aimed at 10,000 people spread around the globe might require a different approach that one aimed at dozen people down the hall.
Determine audience composition:

Looking both similarities and difference in culture,language,age,education,status,attitude,motivation and other factor that effect the success of you massage.
Third part:


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